How do you create a company culture that becomes a legacy? 
Simple. You give back to your people every day, by offering a benefit that reflects who your employees are beyond the office.

Conscious-k is a socially and environmentally responsible investment service
Conscious-k specializing in business 401(k) plans.

Affirm what matters most to them.

We make sure your socially-responsible 401(k) plan is easy to set up, maintain, and contribute on any level...customized for your needs now, and ready to evolve as your company grows.

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The 401(k) You've Been Waiting For

Maximize your retirement savings and your employees' retirement savings. We help to minimize your tax liability through custom retirement plan creation. It's affordable and easy.

Why a 401(k) Is A Smart Move
For Business Owners

The Natural Match For Your Business

CEO? Human Resources manager? Employee? Find out more about how we help you transition to Conscious-k. We can help you fit your plan to your unique business model, team, and retirement goals.

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