What makes you different from other financial services providers?

We help you align your investments with your values ®.  Most financial services firms will help you with a financial plan, asset allocation strategy and investment management.  We go one step further to make sure the companies you own are responsible corporate citizens.  You shouldn’t have to own unethical or polluting companies.

Are 401(k) plans expensive? I'm a small business owner with a very small team--I'm not sure I can afford to offer this benefit.

Offering your employees a retirement benefit has proven to increase talent recruitment and employee retention. And the misconception of 401(k) costs is widespread among small businesses. In fact, according to a July 2014 U.S. General Accountability Office report, "about 42 million workers, or about one-third of all private sector employees, work for employers with fewer than 100 employees, and recent federal data suggest many of these workers lack access to work-based retirement benefits."

Small businesses deserve quality retirement plans.  At Earth Equity Advisors, we work with specialists to customize a retirement plan that is right for your business and budget, whether it's a 401(k) or another benefit plan.  We will help to maximize your retirement savings and your employees' retirement savings.  We help to minimize your tax liability through custom retirement plan creation.  All for a reasonable cost.

We're here to show you how your business--and your small team--can easily start enjoying a retirement or benefit plan immediately.

How do I know the securities I own are socially & environmentally responsible?

We work with several portfolio managers that specialize in socially responsible investing. They are charged with conducting the due diligence on all securities we own.  Their research will determine if a company is not only a good investment for financial reasons, but also for their social, environmental and corporate governance track record.

I feel overwhelmed with plan options and the idea of customizing a 401(k). Will my manager be able to handle this?

One of the biggest reasons why small business owners don't offer any defined benefit or contribution plans, such as a 401(k), is because they have trouble navigating their options. That's why when we meet with you to discuss a straightforward or customized 401(k) plan, we clearly lay out how it works, how exactly we work to manage your savings, plan comparisons, and more. One of our top priorities is educating our clients and being fully transparent with them--it's the basis for a great work relationship.