Whether you are a sole proprietor or manage a staff of hundreds, your 401(k) plan is easy to set up, maintain, and contribute on any level...
and it can evolve with you. It's a smart financial step for everyone in your company.

Business owner? HR Manager? Employee?

Read more below on how Conscious-k is a great fit for you.


Business Owners

You want a retirement plan that not only grows with your business, it reflects your company's most important values.

You want to provide amazing benefit options to the employees who help build your business. You are a leader whose company 401(k) plan will strongly contribute to the path you forge ahead.

Conscious-k provides a better sense of security for your future. It's not just about your retirement, it's about investing in assets that help create a better world in which your company thrives.

If you're ready to bank on the vision of a stronger team, a smarter way to navigate tax savings, and a plan where contributions feel great and build the greater picture, contact us to set up Conscious-k for your business.


Human Resource Managers

You want a retirement plan that is simple to set up and explain to employees and new hires.

You receive calls and pitches every week from financial advisors who want you to choose their automated or expensive solution. But you know you can do better. There's an answer that is easy to transition to, easy to customize, and that comes with personalized support whenever you need it.

You value having an expert with whom you can talk face to face, or who is happy to even video-conference in to explain retirement benefits to new hires.

When you call us, you're immediately directed to a person who's familiar with your account, not some endless directory. Contact us to find out how soon you can setup Conscious-k for your company.


You want a retirement plan that makes you proud about where you work.

You care about working for a company that contributes to a social cause, and cares for its employees by choosing socially-conscious benefits.

You want a perk that isn't a ping-pong table...something that will pay you back in the long run.

Securing your future now is important to you, and you need a solution that goes wherever you go, and helps prepare you for those milestones.

Want to bring Conscious-k to your HR manager or employer for consideration? Contact us.


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